Leave Corona: Prepare for Life after Lockdown

Thanks to Lockdown:
  1. We all have got basic training on how to survive with corona
  2. Government bought time to prepare themselves; they could prepare isolation facilities, arrange for handling large volumes, establish supply-chain for medical aid
Now it is time that we start preparing to open-up to regular lives!!!

Remember !! the regular life would now be a little different with inclusions of masks, sanitizers and social distancing into our lifestyles. We may have to make minor lifestyle changes for another 1.5 - 2 years’ time or at least till one gets access to medicines/vaccines.

Not that government will say “lock-down is over” and lo!! we can move now freely without any corona risks. Instead, whenever we open after the lockdown, we are surely getting exposed to the risks of getting infected. We need antibodies to be able to withstand the effects of virus – cold, fever etc., which will be generated only whence the vaccine gets introduced to our bodies. Think seriously, can we wait that long?? We need to understand that similar to lockdown…. opening up is not anyone’s choice; but is a basic and mandatory requirement of life and livelihood for all of us.

Even though the thought of that exposure is dreadful, but we know individuals with stronger immunity will be able to withstand the corona effects and generate those antibodies on exposure. The key to normal lifestyle is to make our immunity strong in preparation for the exposure to the virus.

Remember this is just another disease do not panic ... but prepare to fight on your own!!

Let us as individuals start opening to the ever-evolving world out there waiting for us to take over; with:
  1. self-applied-restraints to one’s OWN lifestyle
  2. not getting panicked at someone not behaving as oneself
  3. taking steps to keep oneself secure from those other persons’ acts

Besides the individual preparations, we also need to put in an action-plan as a residential community:
  1. Which activities to start with, how to start interfacing with the services that we need to run our daily lives?
  2. Without insinuating or otherwise:
  • How to help the someone with lower immunity who may have knowingly or unknowingly got infected?
  • How to collectively handle the situation in case of a fatality?

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