Leave Corona: Prepare for Life after Lockdown

Thanks to Lockdown: We all have got basic training on how to survive with corona Government bought time to prepare themselves; they could prepare isolation facilities, arrange for handling large volumes, establish supply-chain for medical aid Now it is time that we start preparing to open-up to regular lives!!! Remember !! the regular life would now be a little different with inclusions of masks, sanitizers and social distancing into our lifestyles. We may have to make minor lifestyle changes for another 1.5 - 2 years’ time or at least till one gets access to medicines/vaccines. Not that government will say “lock-down is over” and lo!! we can move now freely without any corona risks. Instead, whenever we open after the lockdown, we are surely getting exposed to the risks of getting infected. We need antibodies to be able to withstand the effects of virus – cold, fever etc., which will be generated only whence the vaccine gets introduced to our bodies. Think seriously, ca

Difference between ASTM A194 Grades 2H and 2HM

What makes 2HM different from 2H? Does the M stands for ‘Metric’? Although in many cases ‘M’ stands for Metric, in this case it is not so. Nuts of Grade 2H indicate that the alloy steel used for nut is quenched and tempered whereas in case of Grade 2HM the nuts are additionally tested 100% for hardness. Both these nuts can be manufactured by means of any of the processes - hot forging, cold forging or machining but the material must be heat treated. 2H heavy hex nuts are used in high temperature and high pressure services, with adequate strength and engineering to withstand extreme conditions. 2HM nuts are also produced in a similar way, yet have low proof load values and hardness. So, while 2H nuts can be substituted for 2HM but vice versa may not be true. The similarities and differences in these two grades are: Chemical composition of both grades 2H and 2HM is same. Refer The main difference i

How to stay on customers' preferred vendor list

Basic principles to stay on your customers' preferred vendor list: Product knowledge In-time completion of orders Qualified and trained team of professionals Ethical business practices Implement standardized processes and product manufacturing practices. Make a product which complies with the national and/or international standards. This gives immense confidence to not just the customers but also the organisation that the product will not fail. Set customer expectations realistically by not over-committing on deliveries. The customer can be talked about the timelines which are achievable and no customer would be ready to compromise on the product quality to get it on unrealistic delivery timelines. This can be achieved only if there is commitment and conviction towards the organisation's quality policy. Selection of any team members must be based on a set criteria; which must be defined before starting a new hiring process. Instead of setting a criteria based on the

Industrial Fasteners - Studs, Bolts Nuts - Standards

FASTENER A fastener is a mechanical device for holding two or more bodies in definite positions with respect to each other Most industrial fasteners are covered by two basic standards: one for materials and properties; the other, for dimensions and tolerances. Specifications for materials and properties are published primarily by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), with some other groups also publishing such standards for specific industry; like  Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), American Petroleum Institute (API). Standards for dimensions and tolerances are issued primarily by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in cooperation with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI). At NUBOTECK, ASTM standard with stricter control as defined by API is followed for material and its properties. For size, dimensions and tolerances NUBOTECK follows ASME standards. With compliance to these sta

API 20E Bolting - ASTM 194 - Nuts

NUBOTECK Nuts comply to the stringent quality requirements of API 20E Bolting BSL 1, BSL 2, BSL 3 NUBOTECK, with a focus on Quality Control is a leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter of the ASTM 194 Nuts in India The grades of ASTM A194 used are 2H, 7, 2HM, 7M Chemical Composition of typical ASTM 194 Steel. Material Grade Grade 2HM, 2H Grade 7M, 7 Chemical Composition Min Max Min Max Carbon 0.400 - 0.380 0.480 Manganese - 1.000 0.750 1.000 Phosphorus (max) - 0.040 - 0.035 Sulphur (max) - 0.050 - 0.040 Silicon - 0.400 0.150 0.350 Chromium - - 0.800 1.100 Molybdenum - - 0.150 0.250 Boron (max) - - - - Typical Steel Grades 4140, 4142, 4145, 4140H, 4142H, 4145H Route Continuous, Ingot Continuous, Ingot Other Designations Carbon Steel Chromium-Molybdenum API 20E b