How to stay on customers' preferred vendor list

Basic principles to stay on your customers' preferred vendor list:
  • Product knowledge
  • In-time completion of orders
  • Qualified and trained team of professionals
  • Ethical business practices
Implement standardized processes and product manufacturing practices. Make a product which complies with the national and/or international standards. This gives immense confidence to not just the customers but also the organisation that the product will not fail.
Set customer expectations realistically by not over-committing on deliveries. The customer can be talked about the timelines which are achievable and no customer would be ready to compromise on the product quality to get it on unrealistic delivery timelines. This can be achieved only if there is commitment and conviction towards the organisation's quality policy.
Selection of any team members must be based on a set criteria; which must be defined before starting a new hiring process. Instead of setting a criteria based on the candidates interviewed, select a candidate based on the pre-defined job requirement that the organisation has. Besides the job-requirements, the selection process must also be pre-defined so that the candidates are selected in an unbiased manner without a scope of favoritism.
Team at NUBOTECK strongly believe in the above values.
With all Quality processes defined there is no scope of deviations from the established practices.
They have deep understanding of the quality requirements of the industry and that is the reason why their products can be subjected to the stringent compliance requirements set by the following standards:
  • API 20E - BSL 1, BSL 2, BSL 3
  • ASTM A193
  • ASTM A194
  • ASTM A320
  • ANSI/ASME B1.1
All their equipment are always calibrated and their customers have access to such records.

NUBOTECK, with a focus on Quality Control is a leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter of the fasteners i.e. Nuts, Studs, bolting products in India

NUBOTECK products are reliable as they comply to the stringent quality requirements of API 20E Bolting BSL 1, BSL 2, BSL 3

NUBOTECK invests heavily in their workforce, they are highly skilled and this is further groomed with continuous trainings


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